Friday, October 17, 2008

Is Daniel Craig Done With Bond?

According to monsters & critics, it seems Daniel Craig may be having second thoughts about returning as James Bond after Quantum of Solace (which comes out next month):
The actor - who reprises his role as the British spy in upcoming movie 'Quantum of Solace' - says despite signing a contract for another two movies in the franchise, he doesn't know whether he will return to the character.

He said: "I did sign on for four so a piece of paper says there are two more to do. But let's see how this one goes. In the film business, everything doesn't always go according to plan. We'll wait and see. If it goes wrong, we'll have to rethink things."
I thought Craig did an excellent job in Casino Royale, and I would hate to see him leave the role so soon. His words are pretty cryptic, though, so it’s hard to tell whether there’s really any cause for alarm. On the one hand, this could be part of an attempt by Craig to convince the studio that they should renegotiate the terms of his contract. I think this is the most likely scenario, and that he’s probably just looking for more money for his third and fourth Bond movies.

The only other way I can interpret his comment is that he’s disappointed with how Quantum of Solace turned out for some reason. The way he phrased it just gives me the same vibe as the infamous “don’t get your hopes too high” comments that George Lucas made right before Indy 4 came out. QOS is looking great from everything I’ve seen so far, though, so for now I’m really hoping that this is all just a lot of smoke.

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