Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blu-ray Players Will Be More Affordable…Soon

I just came across an article on Gizmodo which says that we’ll be seeing Blu-ray players go on sale for as little as $149 on Black Friday (November 28th). This is great news, considering I was already planning to upgrade to Blu-ray this holiday season.

The particular Samsung model the article talks about is actually fairly cheap right now – it’s just over $200 on and comes with the Ultimate Matrix Blu-ray collection for free. So if you’re a Matrix fan who’s looking to go Blu, there’s really no reason not to upgrade now. I’m personally not interested in owning the whole trilogy, though, so I’ll be waiting until later in the year. Hopefully November will see a lot of first-generation Blu-ray discs go on sale as well so I can start out with a nice, beefy collection.

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