Friday, February 27, 2009

Good and Bad News for Green Lantern

First, the bad news: 19 year-old Anton Yelchin (pictured above right) is rumored to be in consideration for the lead part in WB's Green Lantern movie, which is scheduled to come out in 2010. Now, I don't have anything against the kid, but the fact is that he's just that: a kid.

Yelchin is kind of on the rise right now, with major roles in both Star Trek and Terminator Salvation later this year, so I can see why the studios might be buzzing around him. I just can't understand why they would be interested in him for this movie. Hal Jordan is supposed to be a fearless test pilot, not a guy fresh out of high school. Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) is directing, though, so hopefully with his recent blockbuster success he'll have enough clout to be able to convince Warner Bros. not to force someone inappropriate for the role into the movie.

Second, the good news: today Warner Home Video officially announced the straight-to-video animated movie Green Lantern: First Flight. The quality of DC's recent animated DVD movies has been quite high, and Green Lantern is my favorite DC character after Batman, so I find this news pretty exciting. What makes First Flight even more interesting is that it's being produced by Bruce Timm (the man behind the excellent Batman: The Animated Series) and it has a great voice cast, which includes, of all people, Michael Madsen. While this may not have much effect on the production of the live-action movie, it's good to know that someone somewhere is giving Hal the treatment he deserves.

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John said...

I've recently been reading Green Lantern in trade and am really starting to like the character. So good news on the animated movie, but bad news on the actor playing him in the movie. He just doesn't seem like the bad boy lady killer type.

PS: Thanks for posting on my blog about Killzone 2. I thought I'd reciprocate. ;)